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Saving time, reducing stress and improving retention turn into major cost savings and productivity gains for employers

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Did You Know?

88% of our Founder’s previous clients reported that the concierge service her company provided helped them stay focused at work. 88% also reported that the concierge service reduced their stress.

93% of organizations are concerned about employee retention and, thus, turnover.

A Roper poll reported that 87% of respondents would work harder for an employer who helped them handle their personal issues.

53% of Millennials are open to having their direct manager play an active role in encouraging them to get and stay healthy compared to 41% of Baby Boomers.

The U.S. ranked 23rd out of 23 countries for work-life balance in the 2011 Better Life Index from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an international economic development and trade group.

Employees spend up to 2.5 hours of the workday on unavoidable personal tasks.

"How would I manage getting new brake pads before Friday when my kids return? TimeSquared picked up my car from work and had it back by five. No sweat."


According to the Salary Increase and Turnover Study by Aon, 22.8% of U.S. employees left their jobs in 2022, and 18.4% were voluntary. 

Source: Aon 2023

"Got me up and working—quickly. I left my work laptop at the client site and I was dealing with a contractor at home on Monday morning. I had my laptop within a half hour of contacting the concierge. PERFECT!"
— technology industry employee

Clients Speak Volumes for Proven Results

"The concierge service is very helpful in saving time and reducing stress!  They are quick to respond which makes it even better!" — Healthcare Executive, May 2023

"Excellent service as usual. Helped me get something done which I've been wanting to do for the past 6 months. Took care of a task which I wouldn't be able to do without taking time off from work because the place of service is only open during weekdays until 5pm. " — Physician, April 2021

"Chelsea & MaryAnne are incredible responsive and friendly.  We are so grateful for their help retrieving our company assets from terminated employees! — Insurance HR Executive, April 2023

"You guys never cease to amaze me with how efficient and effective you are with sourcing my random requests! Today's challenge: help me transform my son transform into an old man to celebrate 100 days of first grade. What I love most is that the concierge texts in the midst of his search to make sure he is doing exactly what I need him to do. He gives options and suggestions. I was complete stressed out this morning as I remembered that my son needed this costume for Tomorrow. The concierge swoops in and handles it with ease allowing me to focus on work. Thank goodness! Thank you TimeSquared!" — PR Executive, Jan. 2021

"Ren is wonderful and communicates very well so that I always know what's going on. I always know I am in good hands with this company and that my little dog is well taken care of! Thank you guys soooo much!!" — Administrative Lead, April 2021

“Great communication and extremely patient throughout the process. We REALLY are short on time with me working extra hours in clinic. Thank you!” — Physician, Feb. 2021

"I don't use the service enough and I'm continually amazed at their efficiency and excellence!" — Healthcare Administrator, July 2023

Saving time, reducing stress and improving retention turn into major cost savings and productivity gains for employers, especially considering employees spend up to 2.5 hours of the work day on unavoidable personal tasks.

For Services, Only the Sky is the Limit

Creating a complete list of services would be impossible. Our clients add to the list every day with new and unique ways that TimeSquared helps make their days (and nights) go more smoothly. See a few of the most popular ones below:

Taking shoes to be shined
Shipping packages
Shopping for gifts
Providing lunch for an offsite business meeting
Purchasing school supplies and uniforms
Delivering items across town
Recommending products and service providers
Making reservations (dining, accommodations, airline, spa, golf, etc.)
Purchasing flowers
Delivering items from office to remote workers and reverse
Costco shopping
Purchasing, wrapping and delivering employee recognition gifts
Taking pets to the groomer
Planning the perfect wedding proposal
Recommending caterers, florists and calligraphers for the perfect wedding
Planning the perfect family vacation
Getting reservations at the top restaurant in town
Taking vehicles in for detailing
Purchasing and delivering groceries to elderly family members in another state
Hand-addressing invitations, holiday cards, etc.
Supervising contractors at the home
Hosting Lunch-and-Learns
Obtaining travel documents
Throwing a surprise party
Taking corporate fleet vehicles in for regular maintenance
Keeping a client’s desk drawer stocked with healthy snacks
Providing passport assistance
Taking vehicles in for smog inspection
Providing currency exchange
Making travel arrangements
Obtaining vehicle registration
Delivering items for each remote workers' home