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The only boots-on-the-ground provider focused on retrieving company tech from remote & offboarded workers

"Our clients can send their own box. We actually pick up the assets directly from the offboarded employee and securely return them to their rightful owner."

Andrea Arena, CEO TimeSquared


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3 reasons to retrieve your IT assets with us today

  1. National Coverage
  2. No monthly minimum
  3. No setup fee

The TimeSquared Asset Recovery Difference

At TimeSquared we take a personal approach to asset recovery and equipment retrieval. While most providers simply ship a box to remote workers, we physically go to the homes of remote and offboarded workers, pick up laptops and other company assets and return them to the employer. This is the nation’s most effective remote employee device return process!

Equipment Retrieval as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Provide us the details of each pick up (terminated employee’s contact information, inventory of items to be retrieved, where to deliver/send the equipment) in one of two ways. You can either enter one retrieval order at a time directly on our mobile-friendly website or you can send multiple requests in bulk via automated, regularly scheduled FTPS upload directly into our secure, proprietary tracking system.
  2. We reach out numerous times (via email, text, phone call) to schedule a pickup appointment with the remote or offboarded employee.
  3. We personally pick up the equipment and hand deliver or ship it back to the employer.

We provide status updates on our website in real time throughout the process. Receipts are automatically generated upon completion of each retrieval and tracking numbers and receipts are attached to each request. We provide detailed, itemized reports monthly.

Asset Recovery Pricing

The fee structure is a simple pay-as-you-go, $100/hour, prorated on the half hour. There is no minimum usage required. We retrieve company assets Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM local time and charge an additional $25/hour for urgent requests and $150/hour if you require nights or weekend service.

Why TimeSquared for Asset Recovery?

The TimeSquared Concierge leadership has over 25 years experience providing high-end concierge and errand running services for corporations throughout the US. Although TimeSquared didn’t lose any clients during the COVID pandemic, corporations were hesitant to launch new employee benefits. So, we saw the opportunity to leverage our existing national customer service team to retrieve company assets from offboarded remote workers. This pivot has proven very successful with 50+ corporate Asset Recovery clients and interest growing as remote working continues to redefine the way we do business.

Ventra Health
"With no set up fee and no monthly minimum, why wouldn’t we give TimeSquared a try? Our equipment return rate increased by more than 75% once we outsourced our IT asset recovery to TimeSquared. The fact that they have team members across the US is a major convenience in a corporate remote employee environment!"
- Allison G., Salelytics Executive