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So great that 72.86% of users at a major healthcare client are Physicians. Congrats to this corporate client for identifying that TimeSquared directly impacts Physician retention and satisfaction!

Source: TimeSquared Concierge Utilization reports. March 2017

"Employees want to feel valued. They want to be compensated well; they want to be challenged; they want to contribute to something meaningful; and they want to have a good work-life balance."
— Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder

Time Savings in the Palm of your Hand

Whether working remotely, breaking from a board meeting or 30,000 miles up in the air, clients place requests for services from any mobile device day or night, seven days a week. Requests can be placed via desktop, laptop, smartphone, live chat, email or wearable device. When buried with work, meetings or business travel, TimeSquared clients merely move their personal tasks from their to-do list on to ours quickly and easily from any mobile device. Swipe, click and relax!

Seamless Team Improving Work/Life Balance While Saving Time while reducing exposure to COVID-19

Once a request is made, the TimeSquared 2Do Gurus put the request to task. 2Do Gurus are responsible for customer service, dispatching TimeTravelers, tracking requests, generating reports, invoicing and managing TimeLab, the proprietary TimeSquared concierge technology. TimeSquared 2Do Gurus get to know clients’ personal preferences, likes, and needs and often become the face and voice of TimeSquared. TimeSquared errand- runners across the nation are called TimeTravelers. The TimeSquared team is a well-oiled machine of seamless integration. Together, they perfectly execute all the personal tasks of your valued employees saving them time while improving their work/life balance. Off-loading these tasks to our reliable team reduces your employees' stress and exposure during the COVID-19 Pandemic and allows them to focus on their important work.

Corporate Concierge Industry's Newest and Most Robust Technology

TimeLab is proprietary, mobile-enabled, state-of-the-art technology. There is no other concierge platform like it in the industry, and TimeSquared designed it with the customer in mind. Providing detailed quantitative and qualitative reporting data in real-time to show an employee benefit that pays for itself in increased productivity, while also meeting recruiting and retention challenges head-on. Tracking actual hours saved each month right in the middle of their work day and capturing data by department, level and location allows us to zero in on your most vulnerable employee groups. At TimeSquared, we want to be your employee retention partner.

Wealth of Knowledge —TimeSquared maintains a repository of vendor recommendations that is updated in real time by team members across the U.S. This repository helps TimeSquared harness extensive proprietary knowledge to serve clients best. Sharing our extensive vendor information saves your employees time while leveraging curated relationship across the nation.

Easy Order Entry and Tracking — TimeLab is accessible to customers so they can post requests immediately to their personal, confidential profile at the touch of a button. TimeLab is connected with Google Maps’ look up, vendor ratings, and prior request search via dates and keywords, where all the details are stored in TimeLab for future reference during requests. It doesn’t matter where a client may be— direct access to request information, like a travel itinerary or a vendor’s contract, is readily available at their fingertips.

Extensive Profiling — TimeLab is enabled to store a series of confidential information tailored personally to each client. This information collected in TimeLab can range from a loved one’s birthday, to preferred hotels and restaurants, pet’s name and auto information, to grocery lists, home address, and even clients’ dry-cleaning preferences. TimeSquared’s concierge team is equipped with the essential tools in order to assist our clients with a better work/life balance in the blink of an eye.

Valuable Reporting — TimeLab offers flexibility in reporting and is customized to specific customers' accounting and reporting needs. The ROI calculator ensures employee productivity is on the rise, and that the service is consistently paying for itself.

Saving time, reducing stress and improving employee engagement and retention turn into major cost savings and productivity gains for employers, especially considering employees spend up to 2.5 hours of the workday on unavoidable personal tasks.

Custom Technology and Marketing Solutions

Each client's corporate culture and brand has unique ties to their success. TimeSquared honors that commitment by offering custom programs that may include the following (and more):

Wrapping the TimeLab technology to match the client's brand

Private labeling the program name

Designing custom logos

Creating unique marketing pieces

Hosting specialized marketing events (golf tournaments, wine tastings, pizza parties, etc.)

Providing and managing an e-commerce portal for the added convenience of clients’ employees

Negotiating discounts and offerings based on requests
from employees and selecting vendors that are convenient
to the employees' homes and work

Creating ad hoc reporting

Customizable feedback questionnaire