TimeSquared has launched a new Equipment Retrieval to division! We are picking up company assets from terminated remote workers across the United States. Our clients are recognizing a 200-500% ROI while protecting their valuable data and refurbishing the equipment for future employees.

2 Things Set Us Apart

HIGH TOUCH — We are so much more than a call center or login and referral service. Our concierge team personally runs your errands, gets to know your likes and needs and hits the ground running for you.

HIGH TECH — TimeLab, our proprietary technology, provides easy request entry and tracking, chat, extensive personal profiling and rich analytics for secure record keeping.


man sitting at desk looking out window

"Time is money. It has been a real help to have TimeSquared available to stock my refrigerator, pick up my dry cleaning and care for my pets so I can focus on important work."

Mother and daughter baking

"TimeSquared took such good care of my to-do list that I was able to make cookies for my daughter’s school picnic. And she helped!"

couple on road trip

"TimeSquared planned our anniversary roadtrip while my wife and I wrapped up board meetings and loose ends. We so needed this time away."


After over 25 years of experience customizing programs to reach each corporate client's highest levels of employee engagement. TimeSquared has tailored five carefully-designed service levels to best cater to businesses and their employees. Maximum ROI and highest work-life balance opportunities are the cornerstones of our service offerings.

SERVICES — The sky's the limit

Stocking the refrigerator
Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning
Meeting service providers at the home
Taking vehicles in for service
Taking shoes for repair
Surprising loved ones with a hand-delivered gift
Picking up prescriptions
Supervising at-home contractors (exterminators, lawn maintenance, etc.)
Taking pets to the vet
Sending gift baskets
Gift wrapping
Delivering custom cakes/desserts
And many more...


Couple achieving work-life balance through golfing together

Work-Life Balance

There is a clear shift happening and a new norm being created within the business culture across the U.S. Professionals are placing a higher value on their personal time and Employers are seeing the benefit of fostering this connection between work and life. Helping employees have both, contributes to increased productivity and profitability.

Professional employee

Recruiting and Retention

Employees today believe that balancing work and life is possible and often seek out companies that offer employee-friendly policies and benefits. Organizations that accommodate these new shifts in priorities attract more choice employees and minimize costly turnover. TimeSquared provides corporations the viable solution for helping employees achieve their goal of personal satisfaction.

Employee smiling at laptop

Increased Productivity

In order for a work-life balance initiative to work, it must also benefit the organization. Adopting employee-friendly programs like a TimeSquared corporate concierge service turns workplaces into “places that work." Employees tend to work a lot harder and are more fully engaged within a corporate culture that cares about their wellness and happiness.

couple taking selfie

Increased Employee Engagement

Evoking compassion and work-life balance within an organization improves employee engagement while reducing turnover, and has been proven to achieve a spirit of authenticity with individuals, which is healthy in a corporate culture. It is a win-win for corporations and their employees as the level of professional commitment, morale and loyalty skyrocket.