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Andrea Arena, Founder
Andrea Arena, Founder

The Secret to Increasing Employee Engagement & Productivity

Key Characteristics Include: • Employees feeling as though they are contributing to something greater than themselves • Employees feeling safe • Being a part of a team working toward a common goal • Uniting around a goal that everyone believes makes a significant difference in the world • Feeling their contributions are valued by the organization and team

All of these are critical components to building a corporate culture that increases employee engagement. As many companies work on building mission-driven organizations with strong teams, they struggle with creating an environment where the employees feel valued. Providing TimeSquared Concierge services as an employee benefit conveys that your organization understands the struggles of balancing work and personal responsibilities. After all, working 50-60 hours per week doesn't leave much time to handle duties at home, attend numerous Zooming meetings with clients and co-workers, while focusing on work. All of these increase stress, and leave little or no time to enjoy family and hobbies. Corroborated results are the driving force behind today’s corporations providing more corporate perks and work-family integration programs. Many are recognizing that offering corporate concierge services - especially with errand running - will reduce stress, increase employee productivity, improve morale, and ultimately aid employee retention and attraction.

Gone are the days of a quick trip to the store during your lunch break! Now, working parents - reporting to the office or working remotely - must schedule their “quick trip” to Target between their conference calls and client meetings. Obviously, having TimeSquared Concierge team members run the personal errands of your employees saves time while reducing stress resulting in more productive, happy employees who feel valued and supported! Also, this new and improved business culture is especially crucial to the growing number of Millennials joining the workforce. Fortunately, the corporate concierge services of TimeSquared consistently produces a Return on Investment far greater than the program cost – creating a win for everyone! So, let’s discuss how we can simplify the lives of your valued employees today!


Our Track Record Sets You Up For Success

Our Founder, Andrea Arena, started her first corporate-sponsored concierge company in 1991. Her company accomplished Inc. 500 status two years in a row and this wealth of knowledge and commitment to work-life integration place TimeSquared at the forefront of today’s corporate concierge industry. TimeSquared is the leading concierge company for the healthcare industry. Other enterprise experience spans technology, insurance, legal, accounting, banking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, retail, advertising, healthcare, bio-tech, defense and much more. In 27 years, one philosophy hasn’t changed — superior service and exceptional technology combine to pattern the best foundation for success.

Our Approach >

"Juggling the holidays is always stressful. TimeSquared took care of my shopping and wrapping while I was wrapping up business in Chicago. "

The Highest Level of Service Coupled with the Best Technology to Increase Employee Work/Life Balance

Most concierge companies solely rely on call center-based services; however, TimeSquared broadens these guidelines, which is exemplified with the highest percentage of errand-running requests in the industry. The services TimeSquared offers are what clients continually refer to as the most valuable service provided by their employer. Companies need an extra pair of feet on the ground to handle lengthy and necessary errands so employees can stay focused and engaged on work-based tasks during office hours. Learn more >

In addition to focusing on high-touch service, TimeSquared has built and implemented the most robust, secure technology in the industry. Input directly from clients over years of experience has led TimeSquared to respond with TimeLab, revolutionary technology that grants clients access to concierge and errand requests from any device 24/7. You asked, TimeSquared listened. Entering requests has never been easier, and TimeLab features a status update feature, which keeps clients in the know during every step of their request. Additionally, TimeLab offers live chat along with detailed personal profiles and rich analytics for record keeping. This innovative, PCI compliant, technology solution gives clients an optimal experience as they stay updated throughout this smooth process. See how it works >

Work-life balance tops respondents’ definition of career success, ahead of money, recognition and autonomy.

The TimeSquared Team Reduces Employee Turnover

Unmatched business relationships coincide with premier business practices. TimeSquared thoroughly recruits the most qualified and personable team members to ensure clients are pleased and secure business relationships.

Every new recruit at TimeSquared is vetted and has extensive experience in the hospitality and customer service industry. Employees at TimeSquared are top of the line and meticulously chosen based on prior work experience in service industries, educational level, and knowledge of the geographic surrounds in the service area. Each and every candidate at TimeSquared receives a detailed background/security check and personality assessment in order to guarantee their fit for the position.

TimeSquared’s newly recruited team members undergo thorough training before stepping foot onto the field to confirm they are aware and able of their responsibilities. TimeSquared knows that five-star service is crucial, and at TimeSquared, our team is duly committed to making our clients’ days happier and stress free. Learn more >

We must also keep in mind that Gen Z and Millennials work differently than Gen X and Baby Boomers.  People born between 1980 and 2001 want an organization that cares about employees' well-being.