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Saving time, reducing stress and improving employee engagement and retention turn into major cost savings and productivity gains for employers


On the HR side, priorities are changing. In 2022 and onwards, hiring is no longer a top priority. Instead, companies will focus on employee retention. - June 2023


Source: Gomada Blog "Statistics on Employee Turnover," June 2023 



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TimeSaving Tip

According to a June 2020 survey from the University of Oregon, 47% of the respondents said they’d lost the child care arrangements they had before the pandemic. Let us do their running around while they juggle virtual work and virtual school.

Enhancing Employee Productivity Through Corporate Errand Running

TimeSquared distinguishes itself by consistently exceeding expectations with its personalized and attentive approach to errand running services. This service has proven invaluable in optimizing the productivity of both on-site and remote workers. TimeTravelers, the dedicated team at TimeSquared, diligently tackle a wide range of tasks, big or small. From navigating busy stores to handling personal shopping, pet grooming, car servicing, and event planning, TimeSquared ensures that your to-do list is completed efficiently. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), having an adequate amount of leisure time and its quality is crucial for an employee's overall well-being and can bring additional physical and mental health benefits. With TimeSquared readily available, we are prepared to hit the ground running. TimeSquared Concierge serves as an excellent solution to increase employee productivity by allowing remote workers to focus on their core responsibilities without the distraction of errands and tasks.

Corporate Concierge Services — The Sky's the Limit

  • Picking up/dropping off dry cleaning
  • Meeting service providers at the home
  • Taking vehicles in for service
  • Taking shoes for repair
  • Surprising loved ones with a hand-delivered gift
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Supervising at-home contractors (exterminators, lawn maintenance, etc.)
  • Taking pets to the vet
  • Sending gift baskets
  • Gift wrapping
  • Delivering custom cakes/desserts
  • And many more...

An Array of Corporate Concierge Service Models

TimeSquared offers concierge services that are offered as an employee benefit or customer loyalty program. As an employee benefit, increased retention rates and improved productivity are the reward. TimeSquared handles personal tasks, so stress is decreased, and the employer enjoys an improved bottom line. Companies also offer concierge services to attract and retain customers. This business differentiator fosters healthy vendor relationships and secures long-term business returns. 

e-Concierge — TimeSquared offers e-Concierge, the phone and web-based concierge service, to companies who don't need errand running.

e-ConciergePlus — e-ConciergePlus is TimeSquared's phone and web-based concierge service with the added benefit of errand running.

4Corners — 4Corners is an onsite concierge service. TimeSquared carefully examines client needs to assess the number of field staff members necessary to effectively operate their corporate concierge program. Organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees typically only need one concierge. For each additional 1,000 employees, an additional team member is added.

4CornersPlus — TimeSquared designed 4CornersPlus for companies who want to offer employees or clients more. It is the 4Corners onsite concierge service with the added benefit of full-service errand running.

2Times Exclusive — Mix and match services for an ideal combination of the above models. 2Times Exclusive is choice for clients with a varying numbers of employees at multiple locations. For example, TimeSquared may provide 4Corners concierge for a headquarters and e-Concierge for smaller field offices. This option allows the same scope of service to all employees in a more cost-effective format.

"Grandma's 85th birthday party went off without a hitch thanks to TimeSquared and their attention to all the details. "

"Our board was in town all week. TimeSquared took care of dinners out and lunches in. They certainly helped make our week productive. "


I needed last minute tickets to see LeBron James play, dinner reservations and transportation and TimeSquared came to my rescue. Thanks for a perfect evening!


“100% of TimeSquared Customer rate our services either "Excellent" or "Very Good” -TimeSquared Concierge Utilization Reports November 2022